Home Remedies To Boost Your Immunity


The outbreak of COVID-19 has made us realize the importance of our immunity. The immune system is a structure of special organs, proteins, and tissues that fight against various diseases and infections (microbes). In Ayurveda, strong immunity is an outcome of good digestion, quality liver performance, strong metabolic fire (Agni), and a balanced endocrine system (which includes appropriately balanced hormones). The intake of various ayurvedic herbs could also help boost our immune system. Let us look at some of the herbal plants that could upgrade our immunity naturally.

Turmeric – This popular kitchen ingredient of India has more than 300 nutrients like potassium, ab-sorbic acid, zinc, calcium, and the like. Curcumin, a compound found in turmeric helps boost the immunity system because of its anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and antiviral properties. It is one of many good ayurvedic plants for viral infections.

How to consume

With one teaspoon of ghee mix one inch of raw turmeric. People suffering from a consistent dry cough are advised to take it every day in the morning.
Add half a teaspoon of turmeric to one glass of milk and have it an hour before going to sleep at night. This milk will instantly protect your body from harmful pathogens.

Giloy – If you’re a diabetic patient, giloy may help you balance your blood sugar levels. Also known as Amrita, it detoxifies your body preventing any symptoms of cough, cold, and fever. This ayurvedic plant is also an abundant source of antioxidants.

How to consume

One of the most effective ways to consume giloy is to make its kadha. To do this you will need
2 finger-long giloy sticks, 2-inch ginger, 4-5 tulsi leaves, 2-inch raw turmeric, jaggery, or honey (as per taste). Take two glasses of water in a pan over moderate heat. Then, add all the ingredients and let it boil till it becomes 50% of its original quantity. By adding honey or jaggery it becomes ready for consumption.
If you are not a fan of kadha just mix one teaspoon of giloy powder in a glass of lukewarm water and have it empty stomach in the morning.

Kalmegh – Also known as “Green Chiretta”, it mainly protects the liver from any harmful radicals due to its anti-inflammatory activities. Its hepatoprotective properties prevent symptoms of common cold, sinusitis, and allergies.

How to consume

Boil a glass of water and add half a tablespoon of kalmegh, tulsi, and giloy. Mix the recipe properly and cool it down. Strain your solution and consume it.


Tulsi – Tulsi is rich in zinc and Vitamin C. Hence, its anti-viral properties protect us from a variety of infections. The phytochemicals in Tulsi leaves possess strong antioxidant properties that help forbid skin, lung, liver, and oral cancers. You can add it to your diet by having its tea or making kadha.

Neem – Neem has been identified by science as an “immunomodulator”, which means, it has the potential to self-regulate our body’s immune system, thus, making it a possible antiviral herb for corona. It is also an essential herb for skin care remedies. 2-3 freshly plucked neem leaves can be consumed every day on an empty stomach in the morning to prevent any diseases.

These are some of the ways to boost your immunity naturally.

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